We have a compulsory school uniform. It consists of a red polo shirt, red polar fleece sweatshirt, and a range of navy blue cargo shorts, skorts and long trousers, plus a sunhat. These are available at the school office. All items must be clearly named.

Polo Tee Shirt (Short Sleeve)

$ 36.00

Polo Tee Shirt (Long Sleeve)

$ 40.00

Polar Fleece Sweatshirt

$ 48.00

Cargo Shorts (Boys/Girls)

$ 42.00

Sports Shorts (Boys/Girls)

$ 28.00

Sports Tee Shirt (Boys/Girls)

$ 28.00

Cargo Trousers (Boys/Girls)

$ 52.00

Skorts (Girls)

$ 42.00

Sun Hats

$ 14.00

It is expected that children will be in school uniform at all times. If during winter, when the weather is colder, children wear extra clothing (e.g. tights, polo shirts, etc.) these also need to be red or navy to keep with the school colours. Socks may be red, navy blue or white. Children are not allowed to wear bandanas or scarves to school (unless there is a medical or religious reason).

We do have a small number of second hand uniforms available from the school office.